Why Race

Well, for starters you get to RUN THROUGH THE SCHOOL!!! Yep, you heard us. The course finale runs right through the heart of Hickory Flat Elementary hallways straight to the finish line! Bet you’ve never done that before!

But, if you want to know the nitty-gritty details, the Thunder Run is a school fundraiser orchestrated by the HFES Foundation. Hickory Flat is fortunate to be one of the only schools left in Georgia with a Foundation. Foundation members work in conjunction with the administration and PTA, but because they do not fall under the same governing body, they have more freedom on how educational funds are spent.

They work closely with the teachers to find out where the greatest needs arise and how they can meet those needs to benefit the school, student body and faculty. The Foundation strives to improve the educational infrastructure to make the student’s learning experience the best it can be!